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Naked Naps and Museum Mouth Make a Split

Museum Mouth Naked Naps

I’ve never noticed the “indiemo” tag on Bandcamp until today and even when I saw it the first time my mind read it as “indie demo.” Click it though and you’ll find all the Naked Naps releases, and yes, their demos as well. This new split with Museum Mouth comes at a good time for the band with a couple of shows played already post release, and a Friday night show in September at Hopscotch. Museum Mouth also return to Hopscotch this year as part of the day party series playing the loaded WXDU, WKNC, WXYC Presents party at Kings on Friday, September 11.

When I first heard the split online I had it automatically repeat and I never wanted to stop it. I sang “Wave Emoji” in my head constantly, not only because Karl sings my name, but because it’s another late summer catchy jam. Naked Naps two foreign auto inspired songs give us a glimpse into some of their newer material with their new album on the horizon. Check out Naked Naps new video below and dive headfirst into their 2014 album OK, Bye if you haven’t already done so. I revisited it a couple of weeks ago and it caught me in a whole new way.

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