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Greg Holden Visits Charleston with New Album ‘Chase the Sun’


Greg Holden’s career in music has been a journey over the years. From moving from the UK to New York City to pursue music full-time, to co-writing American Idol’s Phillip Phillips hit “Home”, Holden’s life has taken some unexpected twists and turns since 2009. With his latest album Chase the Sun Holden looks to leave a lot of what got him to where he is today behind, and move forward as a musician.

In the three years between Holden’s 2012 album I Don’t Believe You and Chase the Sun Holden progressed as a songwriter, with the new songs having a more succinct message and a more uplifting spirit. Holden’s 2012 release I Don’t Believe You comes from a darker place, as Holden looked to find his way in a music business in disarray as it struggled to find footing in the digital age. While that album was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Holden signed on with Warner Brothers for Chase the Sun and focused on writing songs people could connect to.

No song has made more of an impact than “Boys in the Street” — a song originally recorded for a 2014 fundraiser compilation The Gayest Compilation Ever Made II organized by Everyone Is Gay, an organization that supports LGBTQ youth — “Boys in the Street” is a touching song with a powerful message that speaks for itself. On the new album Holden balances writing about his own life, often hidden in a perspective view of others lives. “Boys in the Street” carries a powerful message of excepting people for who they are, something Holden relates to his relationship with his stepfather, and a message we can all relate to and adapt to our own life.

With the success Holden’s found writing for others like Phillip Phillip’s “Home”, something that’s opened many doors for him, Holden’s learned that his true passion is writing for himself. With the success of his new album, that opportunity could be presented more often, but Holden’s happy where he is now, crafting sincere songs and connecting with fans on the road as he will Wednesday night in Charleston.

See Greg Holden at Music Farm Charleston Wednesday October 14 opening for Vintage Trouble. 

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