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WUSC Wednesday: It’s All Happening! with Basement

Basement is a band that definitely isn’t new to the scene, but recently became new to me. In my hunt for new fall music to jam to I have come across several bands in the depths of Spotify, but Basement really stuck out to me. They are a band from Ispwich, England that formed in 2009. I always love discovering bands from other countries because I think its incredible how musicians from all over the word can develop the same sound and create a solid genre without even being in the same country. Basement claims to gather a lot of influence from 90’s rock groups such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Nirvana. They have a deep grunge sound yet their albums are eclectic by offering slower ballads as well. The musicality is technical and adheres to the standard formalities of what would be considered math rock in some aspects. In simpler words, Basement is a great bridge of several genres that all compliment each other.

Basement put out their debut album I Wish I Could Stay Here through Run For Cover records in 2011. This album holds a couple of my favorites from the band. Songs such as ‘Earl Grey’ and ‘Canada Square’ have something nostalgic about them. The album offers the soundtrack that you would sit around a campfire with your best friends and drink PBR to. “March” sounds like a bonus track that Brand New left off of Your Favorite Weapon. Their sophomore release Colourmeinkindness was released in 2012 and was a big step for the band. The entire album sounds more fluid and consistent. All of the tracks on the album are single words, which make it easy to navigate, and gives it a simplistic vibe. “Covet,” “Pine,” and “Breathe” are a few of my favorites. This album plays more into the melodic rock side of Basement. This album showcases the talent in song writing that these guys possess.

Shortly after their second album in 2012, Basement went on an indefinite hiatus. However, they recently announced their reunion and will be on tour this fall supporting The Story So Far with help from Turnover. The tour starts in two weeks so if you are a Basement fan and haven’t seen them in a couple years, you can check them out at the Music Farm in Charleston on November 12th.

Tune in to WUSC or listen live at wusc.sc.edu on Wednesday from 2-4p.m. to hear some stellar melodic post-hardcore rock from Basement.

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