Live at Papa Jazz

Dempsey Live at Papa Jazz

Dempsey release their debut EP In Retrospect 11/13. For a full interview and more on that album read all about it here.

We film these on Sunday mornings, a time that musicians usually use to catch up on sleep from the late nights prior. It’s not that easy for us either. We should probably be in church or catching up on sleep just the same. But instead we film as many sessions as we can when the opportunity presents itself. We have to be finished by noon, because that’s when the Record Shoppe opens. Occasionally the phone rings during the session and we hear the Papa Jazz signature recorded message on the answering machine. Usually no one leaves a message, but sometimes they do. This time Wild Man left a message. He said cancel that CD I ordered, I thought I’d sold it to you, I wanted it back, but I actually found it. That was the gist of his message, but it was actually worded more like what you’d expect someone named Wild Man to word it like. Some bands get it in one take, some take more. It’s understandable. Things change when the camera turns on. Some hands shake, some stay steady. Some voices are warmed up better than others. Either way, we find something natural and endearing in filming someone simply with one camera and their instrument. The intimacy of feeling like you’re just standing there watching musicians doing what they do. Playing and singing, some for themselves and some for you, but most a combination of both.

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