Black and White Ross Swinson-1235

What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid?

“Surfin’ USA” by the Beach Boys. My dad had it on cassette and used to play it in the car every day on the way to school. That or Astro Lounge by Smash Mouth. It came out on my 9th birthday!

What as the first album you bought with your own money?

Live at Berkeley – Jimi Hendrix. Although I don’t think I realized it was a live album until I put it in my CD player.

What was the first local band you were a fan of?

Division By Zero! They used to play all of the dances/assemblies in high school.

What’s the most recent album you bought or have been listening to lately?

I’ve been digging the new Kurt Vile a lot lately.

What’s the plan for your new album and are you happy with it so far?

The new album is taking forever because it’s mainly up to me to finish it at this point. Ross and Charley are already done with their parts, and I have this mental block about recording at the moment. It’s all part of this process where I start to think everything sounds like garbage, and then I don’t like the guitar tones, and then I hate the sound of my voice etc. etc. But then I usually just have to suck it up and finish it or it’ll never get done. I feel like no one really likes the sound of their own voice, everyone is their own worst critic. Overall though I really do think it’s going to sound good. Much better than the first record which was definitely a learning process in every aspect of it.