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Gov’t Mule Kicks off Tour at The Music Farm with Special Guest Marcus King and More

Gov’t Mule kicked off their spring tour with two very memorable sets at The Music Farm in Columbia, South Carolina last night. The Farm was almost packed to its highest capacity full of fans of all ages. The band came straight from performing at Wanee Music Festival in Florida this past weekend where they shared the stage with Jack Pearson. Gov’t Mule members Warren Haynes and Danny Louis also sat in with Widespread Panic during one of their two sets. It’s nothing out of the norm for Warren Haynes or Gov’t Mule to welcome artists and to be welcomed by artists on-stage.

While Mule is typically found performing in large venues and festivals, the band decided to embark on a spring tour full of smaller-scaled venues. The smaller size of The Music Farm introduces an intimate environment between the fans and the band since show-goers can’t be further than about a half of a football field’s distance away from the stage. Gov’t Mule introduced just that kind of environment and more.

19 year old Marcus King from The Marcus King Band, who is also signed under Warren Haynes’ label, was welcomed on stage along with Craig Sorrells for a memorable ‘I Think You Know What I Mean’ > ‘Stratus’ prior to the close of their first set. Along with King and Sorrells the band also welcomed Jack Mascari.

Take a look at the full setlist below:

Set One:

Railroad Boy > Mule > Who Do You Love? > Mule, Beautifully Broken, Whisper In Your Soul, I Believe To My Soul (w/ Craig Sorrells), Time To Confess, I Think You Know What I Mean > When The Levee Breaks > I Think You Know What I Mean, Stratus (w/ Craig Sorrells & Marcus King)

Set Two:

Grinnin’ In Your Face > Mother Earth > Lay Your Burden Down, Steppin’ Lightly, Trane > Eternity’s Breath > St. Stephen Jam > Reaper Withers Jam > Hope She’ll Be Happier (w/ Craig Sorrells), Don’t Step On The Grass Sam, I’m A Ram


Goin’ Out West (w/ Craig Sorrells, Jack Mascari & Marcus King)

Govt Mule 44 Govt Mule 42 Govt Mule 40 Govt Mule 39 Govt Mule 34 Govt Mule 30 Govt Mule 29 Govt Mule 25 Govt Mule 18 Govt Mule 16 Govt Mule 15 Govt Mule 14 Govt Mule 11 Govt Mule 10 Govt Mule 8 Govt Mule 6 Govt Mule 5 Govt Mule 3

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