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The Hadleys Unveil Heart Peaks

HEART PEAKS DIGITAL ART copyEven when the band was known as Volcanoes in the Kitchen it was clear that The Hadleys were a family first band, aside from the fact that all the key members share the same last name. Im not sure you could go to one of their shows anywhere in South Carolina and not see at least one member of their extended or immediate family. The musical chemistry between the three uber talented siblings is something most groups search years to find, but they were born with.

Today not only marks the release of their new EP Heart Peaks, but also the one year anniversary of a tragic car accident that took the lives of their two-year-old cousin and his younger brother who was born earlier that day via C-section. Both parents survived. It’s these types of unimaginable tragedies that few can relate to, where you need family and close friends the most. The Hadleys have learned to endure and move forward, and have channeled what they’ve learned into their music to help others. In their recent article in Charleston City Paper multi-instrumentalist Hannah finished a quote by saying “Joy is brave.” Those words are so strong and true and hard to understand. It’s their song “Someone You Love” that helps you understand as Gabrielle, Drew, and Hannah each take a verse and share their memories, what they’ve learned, and their means of coping.

Recorded in Nashville with Slow Runner’s Josh Kaler, the band expanded their style on Heart Peaks, their new sound something they’d been organically growing into even when they were still in the more folk roots of Volcanoes in the Kitchen. The new EP is much more pop oriented with electronic drums that pulsate in songs like “Open Door” and “Wayside”. It’s been a very natural transition. If there’s one big knock on pop music it’s that it is often lacking in emotion, but that’s obviously not the case here. Before they left for Nashville to record last November the band was again struck with tragedy when their childhood friend Jackson DeVaul Moore died in a car accident. With this EP, and these songs, the Hadleys wear their courage on their sleeves, performing these songs at each show and sharing their experiences.

Time is a recurring theme on Heart Peaks. An abstract thing that heals all, flies, drags on, but something we all must adhere to. Now only time will tell where this album takes the Hadleys.

Saturday night the Hadleys celebrated the release of their EP with a sold out hometown crowd at Redux. It not only sold out, but sold out in the pre-sale as they counted down tickets via social media, from 12 to 9 to sold out.

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