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Say Brother Reveal New Song Via B-Side Session

I’m not sure Say Brother frontman Tripp LaFrance can get through the clap of an intro to a video without giggling. It’s charming and part of a nervous energy that quickly goes away once the song gets rolling. I don’t know if it feels more strange to see Say Brother playing in daylight, or to hear a new song, but both are great to see and hear.

“Comfort Me” was recorded in Charleston last Saturday before their show at The Royal American with ET Anderson and Dempsey. The band’s been recording new material recently at Seaboard Recording Studio in Columbia, a follow-up to the bands 2011 release All I Got is Time. Along with “Comfort Me” the Say Brother also has a Papa Jazz session out of their new song “Roam” that looks to be on their next release. Both songs are gems and only build more anticipation for their follow-up album. Still, with only stripped down acoustic sessions out there that show a much different side of the bourbon infused blues rockers, the new recordings look to be fresh and rowdy.

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