Watch Atlas Road Crew Perform”Wasted Time” Live at Last Wave

Atlas Road Crew have had a busy year and it doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. In March the band took off on their first European tour, playing 30 dates in 35 nights mostly in Germany and Spain. Those shows were well attended, surprising the band who didn’t know exactly what to expect touring outside of the US, and mostly the South, for the first time.

It’s been easy to track their progress in state. From selling out 5 Points Pub in their early days, they moved up to bringing huge crowds at events like 5 Points after 5 and St. Patrick’s Day where their crowd has more than doubled over the years as their time slot moves later in the day. The local clubs have gotten bigger too, as they’ve moved on to being Music Farm regulars. They’ve enjoyed a gradual climb of being in a band, seeing enough success to keep them motivated and moving forward without many pitfalls along the way. It’s very rare to see a band formed in college do what they’ve done, as they’ve kept their original lineup together, relocated to Charleston, and toured heavily.

Now Atlas Road Crew have their eyes firmly set on album number two, which they’ve currently been writing for and plan to record this Fall. Before that though, they’ll test out some of the new material at several notable events, including June 9 opening for The Revivalists at The Grove in Mt. Pleasant, headlining 9:30 Club in Washington DC on June 16, and playing Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan June 23rd. 

While in Nashville on business, and playing a show at 12th and Porter, Atlas Road Crew filmed and recorded their song “Wasted Time” live at Last Wave, a studio in downtown Nashville. They even had frontman Taylor Nicholson’s younger brother Bryson who lives in Nashville sit in on the session and lend some harmonies. You’ll notice him as the extra long haired guy in the video.