Atlas Road Crew and Brave Baby Headline Music Farm Columbia


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September 9, 2016

Atlas Road Crew/Brave Baby/Dear Blanca

Music Farm Columbia

We recently caught up with Atlas Road Crew who have had a busy year, touring across the US and Europe, along with playing high-profile shows in Columbia and Charleston. On Friday September 9th they’ll return to Music Farm Columbia on a bill loaded with homegrown talent featuring support from Charleston’s Brave Baby and Columbia’s Dear Blanca.

Now based in Charleston, this return to Columbia for Atlas Road Crew comes just weeks after students return to the University of South Carolina, transforming the town overnight by adding thousands of 18-22 year olds to the local population. It was here not too long ago that the band started jamming at a shed off Atlas Road, before picking up gigs in 5 Points and quickly building a loyal fan base which helped launch them to pursue music full-time. Atlas Road Crew’s progress is evident every time they return to town, as their crowd keeps growing. They’re currently working on their sophomore full length album, testing out new material live.

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of Brave Baby’s sophomore full length album Electric Friends, an album that we rated the top of South Carolina release of 2015. It was on this album that Brave Baby started to find themselves as a band, something that took them a name change and three years after their debut album Forty Bells to find. The mix of vocals between primary vocalist Keon Masters and drummer Ryan Zimmerman fell into place, and the signature tones of guitarist Christian Chidester swept over the album adding more to Brave Baby’s tone than anything else.

Dear Blanca started out their summer in the studio of Brave Baby drummer Ryan Wolfgang Zimmerman recording their follow-up to I Don’t Mean to Dwell, released in February of this year. That new EP is set for a fall release, as the band has hit a stride this year releasing new music and expanding their sound with different producers of their last three releases.

We’re stoked to help bring these three bands together for an excellent evening of local music at Columbia’s première music venue.

View photos from Brave Baby’s recent show at 5 Points after Five.

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