92.1 The Palm Sold to His Radio

921 The Palm Columbia

At 4 PM Tuesday, August 2nd 92.1 The Palm in Columbia, SC changed formats to a contemporary Christian music station under its new ownership of His Radio. I honestly can’t wait for the Free Times Rant & Raves section next week. Why? Well, when The Palm started up, these and more made it in the back page of Columbia’s alt weekly.

How much crack do you have to smoke to think 92.1 is a great radio station (Rant & Rave, July 11)? It’s like 93.5 had sex with Steve FM and the baby has Down syndrome. More chromosomes or wattage doesn’t make you a better station. I’ll stick with 99.3. Thanks.

To the person who said they’re dropping WXRY for 92.1 (Rant & Rave, July 11): You like the lame sounds of my dad’s iPod. That station sucks. The only reason I used to listen to them is because they had old school Kasey Kasem on Saturdays. WXRY is the best station this town has ever seen, next to WUSC.

Read them all here. Lame as Dad’s iPod

Yeah….I just don’t agree with them. While they lasted The Palm brought a lot of new sounds to the Columbia airwaves that were missing for years. We’d finally rid ourselves of 93.5, a station that to this day I believe still represents Columbia’s population the best. I personally hadn’t liked 93.5 for a long long time, because once they were great, but the radio industry, especially in the mid 2000’s was a dog eat dog world and 93.5 faded into wet t-shirt contests and angry distorted growling bland rock. But when The Palm came to town they boasted local ownership, and a local connection. I believe they did a pretty good job at following through on that. Of course they could have done better at putting MORE local music in rotation, but they did do it. It was always great to hear Atlas Road Crew, Shovels and Rope, Luke Cunningham, The Tarlatans from time to time when I put 92.1 on in my car. It’s more than other stations have offered. Early on when 92.1 first started I got into a little Twitter beef with WXRY about local music. Truth is they both did a solid job at pushing local music, but like I said, I always want more.

Still, The Palm wasn’t for everybody, I get that. That’s why you have plenty of options out there (if you even listen to the radio anymore). I do, and I always enjoyed the mix of music I heard, especially the amount of R.E.M. they played. Oddly enough, it was the cancelling of their Jazz show that caused the biggest stir. RIP Jazz show and middle americana light easy listening rock n roll.

The day before they left our airwaves forever, they played the following artists who I think our airwaves will miss: Andrew Bird, Band of Horses, Andrew McMahon, Beck, Wilco, Mudcrutch, Vampire Weekend, Oh Hellos, Death Cab for Cutie, The Head and the Heart, Decemberists, Blitzen Trapper, Jason Isbell, Dr. Dog, Ryan Adams, Alabama Shakes, Modest Mouse, Avett Brothers, Leon Bridges, Dawes, The Shins, and plenty of more artists in that genre that you’ve probably heard of. It’s easy to see the vein of genres and styles the station played. I think they did a great job in that market. I’ll miss em. Thanks to 92.1 for having us on air from time to time letting us promote our shows. That was really cool of ya.