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Lost Boy Live at Papa Jazz

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What’s the first album you remember loving as a kid?

Growing up in the early 2000s I was exposed to a lot of music that shaped me as an adolescent. However if I had to say one album. I’d have to say ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ by My Chemical Romance.

What as the first album you bought with your own money?

This is so embarrassing, but it’s Trapt’s Self Tiltled record. We all had a early 2000s Alternative rock phase.

What was the first local band you were a fan of?

I have two. In Regret and Veara. Both of those bands will always hold a place in my heart. I saw them both dozens of times. They have both broken up, but I have no doubt that if I saw either one today they’d give me the same nostalgic feeling that I had at 16. They made me want to be in a band so bad. I wanted people to love my music the same way I loved theirs.

What’s the most recent album you bought or have been listening to lately?

I recently bought the repress of ‘Blue Screen Life’ by Pinback. I was turned on to this band by my friend Jon Markson. I love this record front to back.

What would you say influenced the writing of your new EP the most, whether it be stuff going on in your life or the music you were listening to?

As far as life goes:
I had been going through a rough patch in my life. Losing friends to death and life changes. My life changed a little after a break up. That’s where the name “New Normal” comes from. I felt like my world had changed and I just had to cope cause that’s how it was. Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you just have to learn to live with them.

Music wise:
I was listening to Swervedriver heavily. I really liked the constant grooves. It felt like the songs keep moving and had so much feeling. Kinda as if you couldn’t control the emotion that came out of it. I really loved that about them.

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