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Nathan Hussey Talks All Get Out and #NLAQ

Nov 06 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, NC
Nov 09 Visulite Theater Charlotte, NC
Nov 10 Asheville Music Hall Asheville, NC
Nov 11 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC
Nov 12 Music Farm Charleston, SC

Nobody Likes a Quitter due out October 28 via Bad Timing Records and Manchester Orchestra‘s Favorite Gentlemen Recordings

Nathan Hussey mentions his age when reflecting on All Get Out’s previous releases compared to their upcoming album Nobody Likes a Quitter. A lot of times people get bitter as they age, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Hussey, who’s more excited and happy to release this new material than any in the past.

It’s really evident on All Get Out’s first single “Home” how he’s feeling. There’s a little smile and a wink to the past when he mentions Movement and sings “There’s nobody left around but Michael….Rogers”. It’s a beautiful thing really if you’ve watched the band grow and change over the years. Now based in Texas, his endorphins seem to burst through the new music and talking about the new album as you can read below.

One of the first things that jumped out to me about the lead single was the Manchester Orchestra tones I could hear in the guitars. Years ago that was something Hussey, or the band might dodge, but well, if it sounds like them it’s because it literally is them. Andy Hull and Robert McDowell had a huge hand in this record, producing and engineering in their Atlanta studio, along with playing on the album. Hearing the first song just builds anticipation for the album. And to top that with more good news, there’s more on the way, with recording for the new Hussey album already in progress and writing for the new AGO coming along already as well.


It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since your last full length album. How excited are you to release Nobody Likes a Quitter? I know your fans have been looking forward to it.

I know! It actually feels like a different life time since the Season. I feel like I got lucky on that album. So many people taught me so much about song arrangement and production and overall making an album. NLAQ took awhile to get to because I wasn’t quite ready as a writer. I feel like the patience paid off. So yeah, I’m like five years of excited! I really took my time with it and spent most of my energy on the lyrics. That’s what I hope people gravitate to the most.

What’s the story behind the album title?

Well first off it’s just kinda funny. I mean, I disappeared for a bit. I cycled through members. I did the self-pity thing we humans tend to do. Then I kind of woke up. I realized that nobody is going to feel sorry for you and even if they did it’s not going to get you anything or anywhere. Nobody likes a quitter.

What’s the feel of the new album? Similar to Movement or different?

Different than Movement. Way different. NLAQ (looks like something you’d see on the NASDAQ) fits more in line with The Season sonically. It’s not the same record though. I was in my early 20’s then and I’m in my early 30’s now and to a degree you can hear that. I believe that’s a good thing. Andy and Robert were half of my band for this album too so you’ll hear their influence as well. I love that. I can pinpoint parts of the album where two of the most influential people to me wrote parts or sang harmony or played guitar.

It’s so different for you this time around compared to the last release. It seems like this tour will introduce AGO fans to live versions of the songs for the first time, where last time you’d toured on those songs consistently before the album came out. Are the differences something you’ve thought about much?

Yeah it is different, but at the same time it’s been a long while since I’ve had this experience. This the most organized I’ve ever been for a release for sure. I like that they have an album to listen to first. I’d much rather people come to the show to hear songs they know than to be learning the material in a live environment.

I know you’re fully focused on AGO and pushing this album right now, but do you have any other music up your sleeve?

I do! I’ve got a ton of songs written for the next AGO record and a lot of the next Hussey album recorded!

Where did you record this record and who played on it?

We recorded it with it Andy Hull and Robert McDowell at the Favorite Gentlemen studio in Atlanta, GA. Those two dudes produced and engineered it and in my opinion did an amazing job. We workshopped a lot of the guitar parts and keys. Robert played most of the bass tracks except for two songs where we had Andy Prince and Michael Rogers play. We also had Josh Kean on drums.

If 2016 Nathan got to give 2007 Nathan some advice what would you tell yourself.

Write more. Write a lot more. I mean, the absence of content has in some ways worked in my favor but I will still change that.