Ivadell Live at Tree House Castle

Photo by Sam Leathers

A week before we filmed this session Ivadell guitarist Jon Warf came up to me at a show at New Brookland Tavern and asked if I’d be interested in premiering a song off their upcoming EP. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes, but I followed that up by saying regular premieres are boring, let’s do something more fun . So after a solid 20 seconds of brainstorming we came up with the idea of filming a live performance of each song and having Grant Tyler record the live audio at Tree House Castle and we’d film. So, a couple of days later that’s just what we did. Funny how little plans like that come together so quick and easy.

Ivadell’s new EP For the Birds, due out December 9, 2016, is some of their best work to date. It’s an EP that lives on moments, lyrically touching on emotional nostalgia and a barrage of guitars that flow between chugging rhythm and melodic leads. They don’t go out of the box, but they do what they do and they do it exceptionally well. That might be what struck me most filming these three songs, how tight they were as a band with so many intricate parts between each member.

To record For the Birds they returned to work with Kris Hilbert at Legit Biz in Greensboro, NC, with the vocals recorded at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC with Kenny McWilliams. The live recordings on the videos you hear here were recorded live and engineered/mixed by Grant Tyler and mastered by Roger Caughman.

All three sessions were filmed between 10 and noon on Saturday, November 19 by David Stringer and Gibbes DeLoach.