Live Session: Avi Jacob-Surrender

Photo by David Stringer

It was a chilly night late last year when we caught up with Avi Jacob for this outdoor performance just off State Street in West Columba. We didn’t plan on shooting outdoors originally, but there was a cold haze in the air and it just felt right. Jacob performed “Surrender”, a new song he’d written that as of now will either be a part of an upcoming EP, or a full length record. It’s one of three songs he recorded over a week in the Catskill Mountains with Simone Felice and members of the Felice brothers band.

When Jacob talks about his songwriting he notes how it comes from his subconscious. Songs generally written about his son or girlfriend come from a deep down place he doesn’t control, it’s a natural songwriting process where he doesn’t actively try to write songs, they just come out. It’s something that is clear in the emotion in which he plays, and is easy to tell that his words come from an honest hidden place.

In addition to “Surrender” heard here, and the other more folk tinged songs he’s recorded, Jacob is also working on a more R&B influenced set of songs.