Vacation State Share Debut Song “Space Queen”

New Columbia hard rock band Vacation State harken back to early nineties acts like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden with their debut single “Space Queen” from their upcoming EP “Tree”. Featuring three members of Ivadell, Vacation State takes on some of the qualities of that band with thick melodic guitar riffs and pounding drums. Vacation State is notably different though, featuring two drummers and vocalist Hamp Dodd’s Layne Staley esque slow dragging vocals. Last week the band joined Charleston band Florida Man for their album release show in Charleston. Together the two new acts bridge a gap between heavy and indie, two genres going hand in hand more and more in our music community in South Carolina.

For their debut EP the band returned to a familiar studio in Legit Biz in Greensboro to record with Kris Hilbert, who’s an ideal choice to capture this hard rock style.

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