Shane Allen a former member of The Makeshift is putting off the band life for the moment and diving into being a solo artist. Allen started a project of his own in early 2015 after graduating college and making the decision to become a full-time musician. Though Allen is taking on being a solo artist he is hoping his latest EP Life is a Dream will give him a voice of his own that will open a few doors, allowing him to work with other musicians whether it be directly or indirectly.

Life Is A Dream took a few years to fully come together, but the final touches have been completed. Like any other project, this EP took a group effort. Life Is A Dream was recorded at Fair Weather Studios in Charleston and features other artist such as Josh Hoover, Robert Widlowski, Matthew Kilby, Charlie Kendall, Hayley Mae Campbell and Keesha Mackey. The Trump era, the pressures of being a full-time musician and self-doubt are just a few experiences that have inspired Allen’s EP. Life is A Dream makes its debut on July 24th on all major music outlets.

For further information on Shane Allen and his music ventures head over to Allen’s website. For more direct updates follow on Instagram.


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