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Boo Hag Release Video for Ol Scratch

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When: August 18
Where: Art Bar (1211 Park Street) //$5 //Doors at 8 pm//Show starts around 8:45 pm
What About It: Boo Hag play their first Columbia show since the release of their album with support from King Vulture, and Soda City Riot.

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With Boo Hag’s first show in Columbia since the release of their latest album The Further at Art Bar tonight, Boo Hag released a video for their song Ol Scratch. The video captures the band’s intensity that carried over from their live show, and into the studio for their latest record. Boo Hag’s live shows are sweat and booze fueled, almost a ritualistic experience to watch and become a part of as a fan. Their gritty brand of garage rock pushes far past being coined just that, like the heaviest most psychedelic rockabilly you’ll come across.

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