Watch Ronnie Gunter of Mid City Opry Perform Two Songs

This one is a personal one for me. While I was home at Christmas last year I got to film my cousin Ronnie Gunter of Mid City Opry (Los Angeles) playing a couple of songs beside the fire-pit at his home in Northern Greenville county. With the Papa Jazz questions four of the five of them are centered around the musicians personal music history, a chance for them to reflect on some of their favorite albums when they were young, giving viewers more of a scope into the artists music. Listening to these songs I see a glimpse into my own music history. Ronnie played a huge role in shaping my musical taste and introducing me to a music scene in both Rock Hill and Greenville in my formative years. We share a love of Blue Album era Weezeresque music, classic country, and songwriters who know how to write songs that tell you something and make you feel it too. Mid City Opry leans hard on the outlaw country, their motto being “They never practice and they never argue, they just get together and play good time outlaw and classic country.” Now that’s how it should be.


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