Stream Mechanical River’s Debut Album Posterity Out Friday

Stream Mechanical River's debut album Posterity out Friday, October 13.

This summer Billboard debuted the video for Mechanical River’s song “Pomelos”, released on 7 inch vinyl as the first song from the band’s first official album due out Friday, October 13. Titled Posterity the album features some familiar songs if you’ve followed Mechanical River and Joel T. Hamilton over the years. Posterity gathers Hamilton’s songs into something more cohesive.

“Posterity was recorded over a long period of time in a handful of different places in Charleston, New York and Philly.” says Hamilton. “I’m treating this album as kind of a first official Mechanical River album, being given a proper release with Electric Lady Records in NYC, I’ve pushed more of the heavily electronic songs into a separate batch of songs that I’ll release soon, leaving me with a batch of more cohesive songs that are either new or have been remixed/remastered at Electric Lady Studios for Posterity.”

This album is a decade in the making, and the culmination of his work over that time period. A stripped down version of “I Need Love” first appeared on officina, released in 2008 as Joel T. Hamilton and again on his album feels like we’re gonna win, an excellent album that receives frequent spins on my record player. For many of the other songs, they’ve seen the light of day prior to this release as well through either Daytrotter recordings, sneaking out on Bandcamp, or as a casual release. This time around, with the help of Electric Lady Studios in New York, these songs look to find an even wider audience.

When Hamilton started Mechanical River in 2011/2012 it started a new phase for the artist, playing multiple instruments in a solo performance setting and featuring his signature gold baseball helmet microphone and cigar-box guitar. It’s both fun, and a visual experience live, with the cigar-box becoming the signature sound of Mechanical River featured on the opening riff of “Pomelos” and throughout the album. Since then Mechanical River has shared the stage with the likes of Daniel Johnston and Rufus Wainwright, survived a wild animal attack from a bear, and backpacked with his guitar across the world. Hamilton’s home life is also much different. “A lot has changed for me personally over the last few years, Ive started a family.” says Hamilton. “I’ve got 2 beautiful boys under 4 now that have ushered me into a new world that I really never could have anticipated. Married someone I don’t deserve. Lots of new inspiration. The boundaries of emotions and experience have been stretched.”

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