Hugger Mugger Release Video for ‘Heart Attack’

In celebration of Pride Month Hugger Mugger’s new video for their song ‘Heart Attack’ offers a glimpse into band leader Cassie Posey’s own personal journey into coming out. The video is set in a sort of punk rock prom theme with Hugger Mugger starring as the entertainment. The lead actress in the video is also the person who started it all for Posey. There’s a moment towards the latter half of the video where she’s floating towards the stage as Posey sings about the conflicts between her head and her heart.

Posey said via email “Both the music video and song “Heart Attack” were written about the anxiety of coming out and having one’s previously comfortable lifestyle turned upside-down.  It’s also about how, when you are with the person you love, every bad thing seems to melt away.”

The band’s self titled album was an outlet for all the pain that came along with coming out to her family. It’s something Posey documented in her blog “Coming Out Story” and on a blog covering each song when the album was released. Her story is a hard one to hear, but one that many can relate to. After coming out to her family close to three years ago, it’s now been that long since she’s been disowned and as she said in the email “with no end in sight.” It’s many peoples worst nightmare when coming out, but one that people can find inspiration in her story and why she’s documented her experience through music, her blog, and now this video.

Heart Attack was shot during March 2018 at The Radio Room in Greenville, SC. For local music lovers, you’ll notice some familiar faces in the video. The video was done by It’s a Strange Thing Productions, directed by Rebecca Isbill Davis with assistance from MJ Slide (1st assistant director), Celina Odeh (second camera), Fess Shelton (rigging & grip), Kate McAlister (hair artist), and Kat Atwood (makeup).

As this story comes out June 8, last night Buzzfeed documented a host of queer music videos debuted for Pride Month.

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