Live from Wrigley Field

Watch Secret Guest Live at Wrigley Field

Secret Guest at Hopscotch Photo by David Stringer

OG Secret Guest lineup from our article about the band in January 2016.

Brett Nash “The Cutest”: vocals, guitar, piano

Dorian Warneck “The Best”: bass

Michael Milam “The Worst”: drums

Andrei Mihalovic “The Drunkest”: guitar, vocals

Secret Guest is going out with a bang and a live album as they finish off a two night series of shows at The Royal American tonight. Before their final show Joe Chang had them in for a Live at Wrigley Field Session performing their song “Live Dead.” This is the second installment in the series, the first being a session with She Returns from War.

Say Goodbye to Secret Guest tonight as they perform with Zack Mexico, Contour, and Faye at The Royal American.

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