The Courtroom Sessions

GASP-How Much (The Courtroom Sessions)

With the 3rd Annual Dumb Sweater Fest coming up this Friday and Saturday at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, we’re starting the release of The Courtroom Sessions, filmed live at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC in the fall of 2018.

There’s a wink from drummer to drummer midway through “How Much” as they make eye contact staying in sync the entire song. It was our first time seeing GASP live, so their rhythm and energy sucked us in. It’s’ this energy that we hoped to catch on camera, and feel that we did.

GASP’s 2018 release A Violent Maze of Dreams landed on Free Times best albums of the year, and deservedly so. Their latest album test the boundaries of indie rock, driven by changing rhythms, spacey vocals, and heavy riff driven guitar.

How Much
The Courtroom Sessions

Filmed at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC
Sunday September 30, 2018

Produced by: SceneSC
Audio Engineer: John Nipe
Cameras: Kati Baldwin, Danielle Dickens, Leslie Leonard, David Stringer
Editing: David Stringer, Leslie Leonard

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