Courtroom Sessions: Gardeners Perform “Up a Mountain” and “Painkillers”

When we did a “get to know you” type interview with Gardeners last year bass player and multi-instrumentalist Tim McFall they want to make their listeners feel something when asked what they wanted listeners to take away. As dynamic and emotive of band as Gardeners is, they often succeed at that.

Since that interview in August of last year and the release of their debut EP, Gardeners has made moves in the South Carolina music scene playing shows all over the state including indie staples like Pablo and now an upcoming show for the release party of 9-5 Magazine. Next week their song “Up a Mountain” heard here comes out our 10th annual SceneSC Sampler, a compilation of new South Carolina music. Keep a lookout over the next year, you’ll be seeing their name more and more.

Upcoming Shows

MAR 22
Gardeners // The Co Founder (Seattle, WA) // Acne
Fri 7:30 PM
Ol Sport House

MAR 29
9 to 5 Magazine | Issue #5 Release Party
Fri 6 PM
Charleston Pour House – Deck Stage
Charleston, SC

APR 18
Gardeners with Daddy’s Beemer and Tom Angst
Thu 8:30 PM
Concerts at the Courtroom
Rock Hill, SC

“Up a Mountain” and “Painkillers”
The Courtroom Sessions

Filmed at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, SC
Sunday September 30, 2018

Produced by: SceneSC
Audio Engineer: John Nipe
Cameras: Kati Baldwin, Danielle Dickens, Leslie Leonard, David Stringer
Editing: David Stringer, Leslie Leonard

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