Musicians Workshop

Promoting Tips

-The Copy Shop prints 11×17 color posters for .40 cents a piece. Black and White Poster for .16 cents a piece. Email in your poster design and pick them up within the hour.

Advertisements on our website are free for bands with SC shows. Promo code “Imwiththeband”

-We suggest a 4 week promotion plan for every show.

4 Weeks Out

  • Step 1– Alert The Press (They probably won’t respond) Try to get some blog/radio/print action 1 week out from your show.
  • Step 2-Facebook Event (These are so annoying, but you still have to do it)

3 Weeks Out

  • Step 3 -Put up Posters (Keep an eye on them. They’ll get covered up at Starbucks and weathered by the rain) Posters can be the most important part of your show. A great show poster goes a long way and catches the public eye.

2 Weeks Out

  • Step 4– Hit up your Email list about the show and give them some incentive to come out. What you don’t have an email list? Direct marketing 101.
  • Step 5– Email the press again. They probably forgot that you emailed the first time and need a reminder. Again, they probably won’t respond.

1 Week Out

  • Step 6– It’s all about word of mouth at this point. Make your show the place to be. Get people talking. Again give people incentive to come to your show.
  • Step 7– Tweet it, FB it, text/call your friends and shout it to the world. This is your last chance. Just don’t be annoying.

-Be creative with your show marketing. Give away some tickets. Make the ad on our website a 1 dollar off coupon at the door if they print it out. Get a free download if they pre-purchase their ticket online. Sell your tickets online. The club will let you work this out.

-If you bring people out to your shows and promoters or clubs aren’t giving you your fair share, work out a deal beforehand. That’s alright to do if you can back it up. If you bring out less than 20 people, don’t expect to get paid.

What not to do.

-DON’T LIE TO CLUBS AND PROMOTERS. Saying you bring 50 people out when you bring 10 people out is sad. Being honest will go a lot farther than fudging the numbers.

-Change the name of your FB event to create a notification. Never do this. You’re trying to motivate fans to come, not influence them to want to kill you.

-Play shows where you don’t have adequate time to promote. There are always exceptions, but this shouldn’t be the norm.

Venue Listing


Awendaw Green

The Tin Roof

The Pour House

The Music Farm

The Royal American

Charleston Music Hall


Moe Joe’s


Conundrum Music Hall

5 Points Pub

New Brookland Tavern


The Handlebar

Radio Room


The Channel

Dark Room

Myrtle Beach

The Sound Hole

Island Bar and Grill

Cool Daddys

Stool Pigeons

Pirates Cove (North Myrtle Beach)

Rock Hill

The Courtroom at Gettys

McHale’s on Main




The Enemies (Media)


(Web) SceneSC (That’s Us) Contact

(Web/Print) Shuffle Magazine Contact

(Web) Stereofly Contact

(Radio) Radioflag Contact – Bands, login and check out WSBF Clemson’s active roster of DJ’s to help promote your music. Radioflag welcomes all local community music scenes to bring their music vibes to the world.

The Music Initiative


(Web/Print) Spartanburg Herald Contact

(Radio) Clemson WSBF Contact


(Radio) WXRY 99.3 Contact

(Radio) WUSC 90.5 Contact

(Radio) WARQ 93.5 Contact

(Print/Web) Free Times Contact

(Print/Web) The State Contact

(Print/Web) The Daily Gamecock Contact

(Print/Web) Jasper Magazine


(Web) Metronome Charleston Contact

(Print/Web) Charleston City Paper Contact

(Radio) 105.5 The Bridge Contact

(Radio) College of Charleston Radio Contact

Podcasts/Radio Shows

Aspirin Age

Aftermath USA


The Columbia Beet

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