[Video Premiere] Owen Beverly “No One Messes With My Girl” Live

[Video Premiere] Owen Beverly "No One Messes With My Girl" Live

Where: The Royal American in Charleston, SC When: Saturday December 13, 2014 Facebook Event Since moving from Charleston to Brooklyn in 2010, Owen Beverly’s been following life’s winding path and so far it’s taken him around the world. After exploring […]

WUSC Wednesdays: Two Inch Astronaut

WUSC Wednesdays: Two Inch AstronautTwo Inch Astronaut

Straight outta Colesville, Maryland, Two Inch Astronaut have post-punk, D.C.-hardcore on lock. Recording as a duo with Sam Rosenberg  on vocals, guitar and bass tracks and drummer Matt Gatwood on well, anything else, Two Inch Astronaut is just raw, ebbing […]

[Premiere] Mel Washington Takes on Bazan’s “Deny Myself”

[Premiere] Mel Washington Takes on Bazan's "Deny Myself"

Mel Washington misses playing in a rock n roll band. That’s evident when you talk to him. Washington spent years touring and writing with All Get Out before splitting out on his own a couple of years ago. If that […]

See Water Gets Down for Chucktown

See Water Gets Down for Chucktown

“[See Water is] the positivity of reggae with the intensity of punk rock,” Patrick Farrell eloquently stated and immediately, everyone at the table gave him their undivided attention. It was one of the few times he had spoken during the […]

[Feature]: Johnny Delaware

[Feature]: Johnny Delaware

Secret Wave by Johnny Delaware Brought to you by a 60s D.J. and Craigslist, Johnny Delaware has moved onto the forefront of the local music scene in Charleston within the past month. He gave a last-minute performance at Royal American, […]