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Estee Gabay Releases New Single 'Blind''Blind' cover art drawn Nikki Scioscia

Estee Gabay Releases New Single ‘Blind’

Blind by Estee Estee Gabay has released the first single off of her full length album that will debut early next year. ‘Blind’ is a song about ” the universe aligning to create a circumstance that feels destined. It’s about […]

Stop Light Observations Release New Single "Helicopters"

Stop Light Observations Release New Single “Helicopters”

Stop Light Observations is arguably one of the most successful bands to have risen from the coastal streets of Charleston, and it seemingly happened overnight. One day, they were kids forming a band and the next, they were lined up […]

What We're Listening To: February 2015 #1

What We’re Listening To: February 2015 #1

 “Coyotes” Modest Mouse Modest has developed one hell of a following since getting together in ’93, and it has been nearly eight years since their fifth album We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Within the past few months though, they’ve […]

[New Music] "We Eat Themselves" - The Soap

[New Music] “We Eat Themselves” – The Soap

Since releasing their first album, Shelf Life, a little over a year ago, The Soap have been touring and apparently writing a second album. Here’s the new single from their sophomore effort, Red Thread. We Eat Themselves (Single) by The […]