[7.16.13] Stereofly Summertime Picnic Party at Conundrum

[7.16.13] Stereofly Summertime Picnic Party at Conundrum

Anyone who’s ever planned a show knows that creating a buzz about the event is key in getting people motivated to attend. For tonight’s event, Stereofly probably could’ve generated all the buzz they needed just by booking an out-of-control 19-piece […]

Album Review: sandcastles. - tantrums

Album Review: sandcastles. – tantrums

  Damn. Who broke Bakari Lebby‘s heart so bad? His electronic project, sandcastles.‘ new album, tantrums, is clearly his heart’s crime scene, bloody with evidence. Unfortunately, we lack CSI’s David Caruso‘s dad-friendly wit, stoically putting on sunglasses after saying something like […]