Local Musicians come together as Damn the Taquitos to cover Tom Petty

New Brookland Tavern has a long standing tradition of a New Years Cover Show. In the past this has included acts such as Dear Blanca as David Bowie, Ivadell as Weezer, and Can’t Kids as The Presidents of the United […]

[7.16.13] Stereofly Summertime Picnic Party at Conundrum

[7.16.13] Stereofly Summertime Picnic Party at Conundrum

Anyone who’s ever planned a show knows that creating a buzz about the event is key in getting people motivated to attend. For tonight’s event, Stereofly probably could’ve generated all the buzz they needed just by booking an out-of-control 19-piece […]

Album Review: sandcastles. - tantrums

Album Review: sandcastles. – tantrums

  Damn. Who broke Bakari Lebby‘s heart so bad? His electronic project, sandcastles.‘ new album,¬†tantrums, is clearly his heart’s crime scene, bloody with evidence. Unfortunately, we lack CSI’s David Caruso‘s dad-friendly wit, stoically putting on sunglasses after saying something like […]