On Friday night alone the Scene SC team attended three shows.  We kicked off the night by seeing Bess Rogers and Lelia Broussard at The White Mule.  It was an early show and there were only about twenty people there, which was really disappointing because both of these artists are really good.  So stop complaining that Columbia doesn’t get good shows when you don’t go to the ones we have.  This one was a gem and you missed something special.

After The White Mule the Scene SC team split up and Meredith went to check out Magnetic Flowers at a house show.  I think it was off Greene Street and she said it was hotter than hell in the house.  While she went to that show, I headed down to The Trustus to get set up for The Restoration CD Release.  I know a lot of people have been looking forward to this for a long time and it did not disappoint.  Within twenty minutes of the door opening all of the seats in the theatre were sold out and there was standing room only.  We had a little Scene SC booth set up with shirts and stickers and mailing list sign up and got one name.  Not sure why people were so shy, we give away free stuff on that mailing list!

The Restoration went on at about 10 o’clock and we stood up in the loft with the video camera so we could get a decent angle.  They played straight through Constance and I’m not sure it could have gone much better.  We got our comedic relief when Stephen Russ of The Fire Tonight tossed the tamborine in the air and missed the catch on the way down.  He’s known more for his offense than his defense I suppose.  By the end of the night they had nearly sold out of the books that came with the CD, so to call this a success is an unterstatement.  It was one of the top release parties I’ve ever attended.  Definitely the most interesting.

Saturday we hosted The Rocketboys at New Brookland Tavern.  We always enjoy having those guys in town and we gave away our first Scene SC Care Package.  Remember all that Fuel The Scene talk??  Well we spent some of that money and gave the guys a sweet package of goodies.

The crowd at New Brookland was solid Saturday but about 30 more people there would have been nice.  This was seriously one of the best line ups we’ve seen in a while.  The Patient is quickly growing into not only a top level “local” band, but a band we might vote “most likely to succeed.”  Friends and Romans was great, but The Patient has more well written songs and it is much more dynamic and talented.  Jeremiah was a huge addition to that group of guys and his guitar is just what the band needed.

Brandon Kean opened the show playing acoustic for the first time on a big bill.  It isn’t easy to play acoustic at New Brookland Tavern and Brandon doesn’t have the strongest voice, but he took control and took everyone’s attention by playing in the crowd.  He said fuck the people sitting at the bar, let me play for the people that care.

The Rocketboys soared through their set.  Imagine Explosions in the Sky with a singer with a pretty, clean voice and nostalgic lyrics.  All of their songs are splashed with ambient E Bow guitar parts, delay, xylophone and dynamic ups and downs.  They are as smooth live as the on their album.  Columbia has done a good job at making this town feel like a second home to this band and I’m sure they won’t hesitate to tell you they love coming here.

And it makes it a lot easier to come to Columbia when you are playing main support for one of our premiere artists in Austin Crane.  Kenny McWilliams, who has been playing keys with Austin, filled in on guitar in the absence of guitarist Nathan Poole.  The band didn’t miss a beat and we even got to hear some of Austin’s new material from his new project Valley Maker.  If you haven’t heard Valley Maker yet, then you aren’t following the right people on Social Networks.  Friends and fans have been in love with these songs ever since they hit the net last week.


  1. We are going to spell out Dirty White in gummi letters and give them to you one day.

  2. I had been planning on going to the show at The White Mule (but for Kasey Anderson and Chip Robinson though), but I ended up going to the Runaway Runway thing at 701 Whaley. Too much cool stuff going on, I wouldn’t complain about that.

  3. I’ll get The Dirty White some gummi letters. It takes forever to pick each letter out of the huge bin, so y’all better appreciate it!

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