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Bakari’s Summer Jams #4

Month 1 of Summer Jams is almost over.
Still jamming?

Here we go. “Change” by The Young Veins

Change – The Young Veins

Change – The Young Veins

Damn. The Young Veins. Earlier in this series I posted about former labelmates of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, Greta Salpeter (Gold Motel/ The Hush Sound). This half of Panic! at the Disco decided to go more 60s with their sound and released “Take a Vacation” earlier this summer. Needless to say, the entire album is a summer romp. Yeah. I said romp. Ladies grab your rompers and romp to it. Men….I dunno. Romp. It’s also true! Some people never change! This jam has a hook that everyone can sing along to. I think that’s why this one qualifies as a summer jam. Plus it tastes like the beach. Just listen to it.

“Sunshine” by The Lives of Famous Men

Sunshine – The Lives of Famous Men

Sunshine – The Lives of Famous Men

I met these guys a little over a year ago when they played New Brookland Tavern with Marry a Thief and Sequoyah Prep School. I was pretty down with their live show, so I grabbed their EP. The EP was great, but I went to their website to check up on em. They had this song called “Sunshine” that was up for free download. Of course I grabbed it. AND IT WAS THE PERFECT SUMMER SONG. I rode around blasting it all last summer. It’s like that kind of happy hot jam. I’m pretty sure I used to ride around clapping to this song while driving. Needless to say, I’m an awesome driver. So get in your sedan and blast.


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