Bakari’s Summer Jams #6

Adventure – Be Your Own Pet

Adventure – Be Your Own Pet

I miss Be Your Own Pet. But I still love Jemina Pearl. I almost forgot about this song until I had to write a paper for class. I wrote about Adventure, and immediately remembered why I loved it. It’s hard to jam to it in a car, so you might want to blast it on your home stereo system. Just romp around. In a romper if you’re a female. In overalls if you’re a male. In private if you’re in overalls. Unless you just get down in overalls. Then you won’t be embarrassed.

Something Good Can Work

Something Good Can Work – Two Door Cinema Club

I discovered Two Door Cinema Club when a friend of mine sent me a remix of this song, so I guess they discovered it. Anyway, Tourist History, as a record, is full of great danceable songs that I would love to see live. Something Good Can Work stuck out to me though, so I chose it as a summer jam. It’s the type of song that you would play while driving, but wish you were in a pool. Stick that in your noggin and consider it.

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