18+ $5
21+ Free

Show starts at 10:00pm

Coma Cinema

The Dirty White

Facebook Event

Pitchfork doesn’t really like anyone.  They are too cool to like anyone.  They even make cool people take shots at them.  Dave Bazan wrote a song about them, Of Montreal cried like a little baby about a bad album review.  So how do they choose who are their darlings and who they poke fun at?  Who knows!?  But they love Coma Cinema.

Pitchfork and a lot of the followers of the mainstream blog are always posting Coma Cinema jamz and videos.  And why not?  Coma Cinema have some of the best videos out there and two free albums that are really good.  But let me tell you this, Coma Cinema live and Coma Cinema on record are two different animals son.

Opening the show will be The Dirty White who are no strangers to this website.  We’ve praised them for their fugaziesque live performances of in your face punk rock with half screamed vocals.  If they would only take their shirts off and encourage the crowd to take theirs off too and go buck wild, they would be on that level.  Unfortunately this will probably be their last Columbia show with drummer Matt Tarlton.  He’s one of the nicest, most genuine guys we’ve come across.  Hell, everyone in The Dirty White is really awesome.  Have a PBR with them and jump around.

By the way, both Coma Cinema and The Dirty White ranked in our top 10 albums of 2010.  This free show will be well worth your drink money.

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