Kopecky Family Band

Team Stringer was at The Channel in Greenville Friday night to check out The Kopecky Family Band on their Neato Burrito Qdoba tour.  Lucky for us Ghosts of the Great Highway was added to the show late.  Unlucky for us, there is no Qdoba in Greenville, so we didn’t get any free food.

Friday night was one of those moments where you ask yourself, why haven’t I seen Kopecky Family Band live before?  We’ve covered them in the past, and casually listened to their music, but it was their live show that really won us over.  They are one of those bands that we’ve heard good things about for a long time.  Members of the band recorded on the new All Get Out LP that will come out hopefully some time this year.  It took some dedication from Kopecky just to make it to the show.  They had a wheel bearing on their trailer break in North Carolina and had to ditch the trailer and stuff all of their equipment in their van with them.  Being three hours late didn’t affect the show.  It caused for an extended sound check by the 6 piece band, but the crowd didn’t mind the delay.  What started as a show with everyone sitting, ended up with everyone standing in front of the stage waiting on an encore which the band was happy to provide.

For the live show, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.

For the live acoustic videos, what sounds like static is actually the fountain.  I didn’t realize it would show up so loud on the camera, but atleast its a steady noise.  This is one of my favorite settings for any acoustic videos we’ve ever shot.  I hope you enjoy them.

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