Slow Runner’s new video explores puppets, stop motion and has Frankenstein overtones.

Guess where Slow Runner is today?  They have a show in Leeds, England with William Fitzsimmons.  Their tour will take them all over Europe until their last show overseas on December 20.  But before they flew off they left us with this gem of a video. The acting in it is truly Oscar worthy, and puts Dan Patrick’s performance in Hootie and The Blowfish “Only Wanna Be With You” to shame.

Damage Points is one of the best albums made in South Carolina this year.  Sometimes I can’t figure out why people aren’t talking about Slow Runner all the time?  I mean, so far this year they’ve toured the entire country with William Fitzsimmons, released a great album and are now on a Europeon tour. At least they have the award for album I’ve listened to most this year.


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