MEF Highlights of 2011, My Year of Unholy Triumph

1. Ate spaghetti one table away from Elbow‘s drummer in the backstage cafeteria of a festival in Germany.

2. Played 100+ shows across 41 states and 17 countries. Fuckin-a right.

3. Ate poutin in Quebec, fish and chips in London, bratwurst in Germany, waffles in Belgium, and breathtaking as they all were, none hold a candle to a burger and onion ring from Melvin’s.

4. Wrote the score for a kick-ass iPhone game coming out in 2012.

5. Played a show attended by childhood hero Adam Duritz, who knew our songs and everything.

6. Revisited Far Cry 2 for Xbox 360 and fell deeply in love all over again.  An absolute gem.

7. Filled in the hole in our backyard where an old septic tank had been.  You have no idea how annoying this was.

8. Saw a commercial with our music in it while eating shitty continental breakfast in a Best Western lobby.

9. Felt more alive, satisfied, and grateful than any year I can remember. Except maybe 3rd grade, shit was really clicking for me that year.  Otherwise 2011 is the tops.

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