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Show Preview: John Mark McMillan & Jude Moses

John Mark McMillan

John Mark McMillan, Jude Moses & royson

Friday. March 23

New Brookland Tavern. West Cola, SC

Doors @ 8:00pm          $12 advance/ $14 day of show

This Friday, March 23rd, New Brookland Tavern will play host to John Mark McMillan & Jude Moses, two up-and-coming names in the alternative-folk world.

Starting off the night will be local band royson. royson is an up-and-coming project that features frontman Will Royson [brother of Frontier Sons guitarist Rob Royson] and local musician Paul Brazell. To hear some of royson’s guitar-driven music, check out this acoustic session for their song “Six Feet“. royson fits the bill perfectly, not only because of their religion-fueled songs, but Will Royson and John Mark McMillan have the same haircut/beard.

seriously though.

Next up will be Jude Moses. Jude Moses hails from Georgia, and is made up of brothers Stephen and Andrew Williams. The duo produce a classic folk sound that anyone could love. They reminded me of Gregory Alan Isakov mixed with The Avett Brothers when I first heard them. Jude Moses recently released a self-titled EP which includes the song “Mistaken Hands”. If you want a taste of Jude Moses, Stephen Williams does “Mistaken Hands” acoustic, which can be found here.

Following Jude Moses will be the headlining John Mark McMillan. In 2005, McMillan released the song “How He Loves”, a song about God and religion, written following the death of a close friend. Many bands covered the song, most famously the David Crowder Band, and since then McMillan’s career has soared. I first heard John Mark McMillan on Youtube and was instantly hooked.

McMillan’s music has such a diverse sound, making his genre best described as Alternative/Folk/Rock/Blues. Even then, McMillan has songs like “Death in His Grave” and “Sins Are Stones” that are modern-day hymns. So add Gospel to that. His unique sound accompanies his equally unique song-writing. A vast range of topics are covered in his music, ranging from religion to the economy. Speaking of the economy, McMillan recently released Economy, an album that showcases his unbelievable voice. His raw, gritty voice shines on the song “Daylight”, and shows it’s diverseness on “Chemicals”.

It’s probably a really good idea you be at this show. Make sure to get your tickets early because: 1) they are cheaper and 2) they will most likely sell out. It promises to be an awesome night, because let’s face it, there’s nothing better than folk and rock music on a friday night in Columbia.

**tickets can be purchased here.


  1. Great article!!! Love John Mark McMillan and just checked out Jude Moses, awesome musician as well!

  2. To the writer: the song “economy” is not about the economy. Have you actually listened to it? Live, JMM says, “this song is not about money”……come on dude!

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