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Megafaun to Perform at WSBF Clemson Spring Fest

WSBF FM Clemson

Fourth Annual Spring Music and Arts Festival

Friday, April 13th at Tiger Park in Clemson, South Carolina

1 pm.

Tiger Park is located on 157 Old Greenville Highway

For a group of guys that grew up in Wisconsin, Clemson’s WSBF Spring Fest will be a welcome atmosphere in April. Of course, the guys in Megafaun have been stationed in the greater Raleigh, NC area for the better part of a decade, so they now realize how wonderful the weather in the South can be this time of year.

Reading how Megafaun is described is sometimes scary. The terms freak folk, and psychedelic rock are often tossed around, but those genres are only accurate part of the time.

When you think of Megafaun do you think

-Those guys that used to play with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)?

Yes, they used to play in a band with Justin Vernon called DeYarmond Edison. They were mildly popular inside the music scene. Thank goodness they broke up because Gather, Form and Fly is an absolute gem of an album.

-Those guys that defined their band with their 2011 eponymous release?

Megafaun chose to define themselves with their last album, released in 2011. It’s trippier than anything they’ve ever done. If I were to have heard this album first, I don’t know that I’d be a big Megafaun fan. I’ve still grown to love it, but it took some getting used to.

-Those guys that wrote Gather, Form and Fly, one of the best folk albums in recent history?

Gather, Form and Fly is timeless and could have been released in the spring of 1970. It’s full of gently plucked melodies and harmonies that will have your Mom and Pop asking you if you’re listening to CSNY.


-Who is Megafaun?

Go back and read one through three. They are the guys that used to play with that Bon Iver guy you silly goose.

Obviously, we are excited about Megafaun. We’re also excited about a couple of the other bands, so you’ll be seeing some more posts dedicated to specific artists playing in the next couple of weeks.

WSBF is a shining star in the upstate, always doing a great job of putting independent music first. Clemson isn’t much different from Columbia in that fact that Country music and Mainstream Rock rule the airwaves. Makes you appreciate college radio stations like WSBF and WUSC even more.

Full Line up

Megafaun (Durham, NC)
Moon Taxi (Nashville, TN)
Starkey (Philadelphia, PA)
Mr. Invisible (Charlotte, NC)
Phantom Tails (Minneapolis, MN)
Today the Moon, Tomorrow The Sun (Atlanta, GA)
Isness (Atlanta, GA)
Fort Wilson Riot (Minneapolis, MN)
Roz Raskin and The Rice Cakes (Providence, RI)
NovaKord (Atlanta, GA)
We Roll Like Madmen (Clemson, SC)
New Madrid (Athens, GA)
Old You (Charleson, SC)
Mountain Homes (Greenville, SC)

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  1. Great connection here!!! The Megafaun drummer, Joe Westerlund, has a motha-in-law that graduated from Clemson in Dec. ’75!!! (I also did a very short gig at WSBF while there!!) Too fun-ny! Y’all will LOVE the guys in MEGAFAUN!! They are such fabulous live performers! You will be involved in the show! Wish I could be there! Did my time at some crazy beer busts in Clemson in the early 70’s! WHOO! HOO!

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