[4-4 DJOJ] People Person/Jonny Corndawg

I don’t know if Jessica Oliver is a people person. She’s always been nice to me though, so I guess she could be. These DJOJ’s aren’t about new music, just what I’m listening to. I actually found People Person looking for Hauswerk because I saw them at a house show and loved it. All I really remember is “If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t nobody happy.” Because that’s so so true. And while I was looking for Hauswerk I found The Momsters. They are probably the best band ever. They are actually just, if not more clever than Hauswerk with their album, What’s Mine Is Chores. Songs like “Hamburger Help-her”, “Break Time Glass of Wine”, and “My Time of the Month (To Party)” are instant cult classics.

My favorite songs from People Person are “Fallout” and The Everly Brothers cover of “Oh Great, Problems.” Reminds me of my old friends Jerry and The Cleavers.



There are some people kicking up dust in Nashville and I’ve got this feeling that something really cool is about to happen. Just this morning Garden and Gun editor David DiBenedetto went on Morning Joe and dropped that Nashville was the new hotbed for music. Not just country music of course, but something that has evolved from country music. Mumford and Sons have settled there, Dawes, John McCauley, Robert Ellis, and Jonny Corndawg are around and they’re all getting along. Playing shows together, helping each other out. When people are doing something really cool separately and they all start doing it together, magic starts to happen. And thank goodness they are bringing Shovel’s and Rope with them because they won’t ever shy away from lighting a fire under any music listeners ass.

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