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Our Western Sky with The Seawolf Mutiny, Netherfriends and Small Houses at The Radio Room, Friday, 4/20

Our Western Sky
Our Western Sky @ Friar's Tavern of Clemson, 2/3/2012

Friday, April 20
Our Western Sky with The Sea Wolf Mutiny, Netherfriends and Small Houses
WPBR Radio Room, 10:00 pm

If there is any possible way for you to attend this show, I highly recommend it. If there’s not, find one. Our Western Sky, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, and Netherfriends have played in Clemson before, and I saw Netherfriends again at Conundrum Music Hall in Columbia earlier this year. Each of those bands puts on a great show.


Consisting of members of established Greenville bands East North and Culture Prophet, Our Western Sky plays post rock jams laden with intimately ambiguous lyrics. The Sea Wolf Mutiny, out of Columbia, call themselves “post-folk,” but I call them plain old “really good.” Shawn Rosenblatt, AKA Netherfriends, is one of my favorite artists. He’s been touring non-stop since I don’t know when, and recently released an LP of songs from his 50 Songs 50 States project entitled Middle America. As for Small Houses, their internet presence eludes me, so I’ll just have to check them out IRL.

The Radio Room | Facebook event page

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