In an interview a year ago Death Becomes Even the Maiden told us they were most excited about their new album. They said “The new record. It’s shaping up like Brancusi.”

Today DBETM is officially no more, but fear not. They’ve just changed their name to Parlour Tricks.

“Radio Out” is the first single from the new album, a song that’s just a highlight of what the album has to offer. This is the first release from the trio since 2008’s Pink EP, and the first album recorded with drummer Logan Goldstein. Goldstein has been playing with the band since 2009, but his influence on the final product was so significant that it triggered the name change of the band.

What to expect from the new album? Brancusi succeeded by reducing his work to a few basic elements, something that’s difficult to do while still highlighting the complexity of thought that went into the product. Expect weirder moments sidled with poppier moments. Even with an evolved sound, they don’t seem to have strayed far from the hook-and-riff heavy rock that earned them their stripes.

The November 3 release date falls the Tuesday before their début performance under the new name at this years Free Times Music Crawl. A limited of run of albums will be available at that show, with a vinyl pressing to follow.

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