Marshall Brown Brings the Spring


Let it be known first and foremost that I play with Marshall Brown in his live band. With that being said, I have nothing to do with the writing and recording process. Brown is kind of amazing with that side of things and I’d only be getting in the way. He records just about everything himself including bass, guitar, vocal tracks, and keys. Everything except the drums, but I wouldn’t put that past him. Over the last 4 years Brown has recorded all of his albums in his upstairs apartment, without the use of a computer, including the new single heard here. The one difference is that this single and the full length set for early February were all mastered at The Jam Room.

“Winter Brings the Spring” is the first single off the upcoming album Through Vivaldian Colored Glasses and is the first song in the “4 seasons” section. A concept of sorts, Brown says this album contains more “meat” than previous albums. The previous two albums, High Noons and New Moons, were both colored with instrumental parts that swayed psychedelic at times.

In traditional Marshall Brown fashion he didn’t just release a single, he a released a single with two b-sides that didn’t quite fit on the album. “Don’t Worry Kyoko (papa’s only looking for his hand in the snow)” includes not only a reference to an obscure John Lennon song, but also a subtle tribute to Lexington, SC band The Restoration with the waning vocal line at the end of the song. With the final b-side “The Universe is Breathing” Brown covers listeners with a wintry mix of layered vocals and melody.

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