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[Video] The Lovely Few Take on Jingle Bells

“Jingle Bells” might be Mike Mewborne’s least favorite Christmas song, but it didn’t stop him from taking it on, and putting his on twist on the Christmas classic. Mewborne and his band The Lovely Few are no stranger to reconstructing classic Christmas songs, breaking them down and building them back up with carefully constructed bursts of sound.

With this take on “Jingle Bells”  brought to us by Hearts and Plugs and The Lovely Few, electronic flashes explode into a dreamy vocal melody that we’ve all had ingrained in our mind since early childhood. The short, but sweet song captures your imagination like staring into a snow globe that dazzles through red and green and a short flashes of Merry Christmas.

Check out The Lovely Few’s performance at the SceneSC Watershed Christmas show in 2010 here.

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