South Carolina Top 10 Albums of 2012

Looking back, 2012 was a great year for music in South Carolina. Shovels and Rope solidified their place on the national music scene, opening the eyes of critics and music enthusiasts to their special brand of low-country Americana. The overall “sound” of SC music is becoming more experimental, taking chances and finding appreciation from fans, although sometimes in small number.

This top 10 list shows diversity, from Modern Man’s drone, to the childlike wonder that Those Lavender Whales capture in song. From Parlour Tricks edgy rock tunes, to Heyrocco’s youthful hazy wonder, and Can’t Kids raw energy that bursts through with Soda City pride, to Latenights’ debut, an ode to loud melodic rock and soaring guitar solos. With Honor the Father The Restoration dig up SC history, hidden for its heinous nature, like a dirty family secret kept mum from future generations, and reconstruct it into a beautifully dark album, a warning and reminder of the filth in the soil where our roots are buried. Elim Bolt burst onto the music scene in late 2012, setting blogs a-buzz and quickly gaining popularity with their stylish vintage rock n roll. And last but not least, Co., with their album Dear America, where Brian Hannon reflected on his roots before showing his hand, one erect middle finger to America.

#1 Shovels and Rope-O’ Be Joyful


#2 The Restoration-Honor the Father


#3 Elim Bolt-Nude South

Elim Bolt Nude South

 #4 Heyrocco-Comfort

heyrocco comfort

#5 Those Lavender Whales-Tomahawk of Praise

Those Lavender Whales Tomahawk

#6 Parlour Tricks-s/t


#7 Latenights-s/t


#8 Can’t Kids-Brushes Touches Tongues

can't kids brushes touches tongues

#9 Co.-Dear America


#10 Modern Man-Eyes No

moder man eyes no


  1. What a wonderful collaboration of artists, albums, and tunes as a recap to 2012! Another amazing year and these bands are the epitome of just that. Well done guys, well done.

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