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Valentine’s Day can be a slightly depressing holiday if you don’t have a sweetheart to call your own. That doesn’t have to be the case if you’re hanging out in the Upstate this year. Taking place at Friar’s Tavern in Clemson, the Black Hearts Ball is a post-apocalyptic shindig where the unattached have a chance to become undead for a night. (Don’t worry, couples are welcome. They make good zombie food.)

Elsewhere by Heyrocco

Heyrocco will be making a semi-secret stop on their month-long tour before hitting up The Radio Room in Greenville on Friday. Other bands include Art Contest (a mathy project from Garrett Burke and Cole Monroe, the minds behind Filth Fuxers and Dear Sleeper, respectively), Kill Geddy Lee, and two good ol’ fashioned punk bands in Four AM Friends and Lewis Turn Out

I had a Facebook chat with event organizer Chris McCune about what you can expect tomorrow night.

SCENE SC: so where did you get the idea to host the first black hearts ball?

CHRIS McCUNE: My live in girlfriend of two years had just left me, via Skype, and I wanted to get laid. I like zombies a shit ton as well.

SS: I see. A chance to wear your heart (or parts of someone else’s) on your sleeve.

CM: …or a lot of fake blood. but yeah, it was an easy thing that I figured people would get into.

Zombies at the 2nd Annual Black Hearts Ball, 2012 [courtesy Brian Williams]
Zombies at the 2nd Annual Black Hearts Ball, 2012 [courtesy Brian Williams]
SS: Any tips for first-time zombie impersonators?

CM: Tips?.. It’s sticky as hell being covered in corn syrup. Watch out for any body hair.
Any and all.

SS: Will there be supplies at the event, or should people arrive already bloodied?

There will probably be a bucket of blood and minor fixer uppers. It is really awesome seeing how far people go with the make up at home.

SS: Do you think any of the bands will show up undead?

CM: As far as bands dressing up goes, I know that [Four AM Friends] definitely are. Haven’t confirmed anybody else though.

SS: Sounds awesome. I noticed that this year’s event page isn’t hosted by UCBMS [Upstate & Classy Beard and Moustache Society]. Is the Society still involved?

The UCBMS has kind of disbanded a little more each year. There are still a few members that are a big part in this and Beards for Breasts [another annual event in Clemson], but that is about it.

SS: C’est la vie.

CM: Indeed.

SS: Thanks for the scoop. Any last comments you’d like to add about tomorrow night?

CM: All I can say is that this year seems like it will be something you won’t forget, so get those asses down to Friar’s Tavern.

The Black Hearts Ball goes from 10:00 pm until 2:00 am at Friar’s Tavern (163 Old Greenville Hwy) in Clemson. Admission is free.


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