Electric Slave
Black Joe Lewis

No seriously, you should meet him.  “Charleston has been good to us in the past, but we haven’t met any ladies there yet,” says Joe Lewis.  Ladies, I say we roll out the red carpet of Southern hospitality for the Black Joe Lewis crew when they roll into Charleston, September 9th for a show at the Pour House.  This will be their return to Charleston after performing there as the opening act for Dawes.  “You know, I’m always up to meet ladies, but it doesn’t make or break a show for me,” Lewis says.

So what does make or break a show? “It all depends on what type of crowd shows up,” says Lewis, “If you have a bunch of fun people show up, the show will be fun.”  The band itself will always bring the party.  They keep the show lively, and spend little time talking between songs.  With tunes such as, “Come to My Party“, which features a little sample from Wreckx-N-Effect’s Rumpshaker, there’s no way that the folks of Charleston can’t hold up their end of the good-time bargain.

The band recently released a new album, Electric Slave, but if you’ve seen them live before, chances are you’ve heard these songs already. “We’ve been playing these songs live for a few years now, we just finally put them on an album,” remarks Lewis.  The band also has worked up a medley of covers that you surely won’t want to miss.  When asked if he’d be playing the Black Joe Lewis classic, “Booty City“, Lewis responded, “If you come to the show, I’ll play it.”  Now there’s a man who knows how to make a lady happy.

Black Joe Lewis

September 9th, 8:30pm

The Pour House

Charleston, SC

$15 in advance, $17 at the door

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