I’ve noticed over the years that successful Kickstarter campaigns usually work one of two ways. Either it’s funded right off the bat, or it’s funded at the last-minute. The Lovely Few’s new album The Geminids is looking for a big second half push.

The Geminids album will close out The Lovely Few’s meteor series, with each release exploring new territory while sticking to the same cosmic theme. After hearing some of the rough cuts off the album, it sounds like The Lovely Few’s most textural release to date, mixing synths and programmed beats with live drums, strings, and horns for more orchestral moments.

This Kickstarter campaign serves more as a presale for this release, with the album mostly recorded with only mixing and mastering left. The band is eying a Winter 2014 release if everything goes as planned.

Read more about The Lovely Few’s Kickstarter campaign.


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