Download The Scolastica Holiday Compilation for a Good Cause


About Scolastica

Scolastica, Rabia, Rahma and Nureen are four girls on the other side of the world that could use your help and all you’ll have to do is click a couple of buttons. And what could be that easy for you will send four gifted young girls in Tanzania to one of the best schools in the country. While you’ll also be getting 12 beautiful Christmas songs, you’ll be helping others in an invaluable way. Right now they are well on their way to their goal, but they’ll need one last push to get there before Saturday December 14. The holiday compilation includes mostly artist from Constant Clip Records along with some other folks from around the country. South Carolinians will recognize our own Alexa Woodward and The Restoration (Featuring Marshall Brown) on the release. Give what you can. Give within your means.

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