A Guide to 2013 SC Releases



January 13 Ben G-The Reflection Listen/Buy
January 15 Brave Baby-Forty Bells Listen/Buy
January 15 Young Mumbles-You Can Take The Camera Off Me Now Ep Listen/Buy
January 22 Toro Y Moi-Anything in Return Listen/Buy
January 29 10th Letter-Weapons  Listen/Buy
January 29 Burnt Books-Burnt Books Listen/Buy
January 29 The Mazloom Empire-The Mazloom Listen/Buy


February 14 Brent Lundy-Made To Fall  Listen/Buy
February 14 Marshall Brown-Through Vivaldian Colored Glasses Listen/Buy
February 16 Dear Blanca-Talker Listen/Buy
February 19 Mel Washington-Houses Listen/Buy
February 20 Bri Benedict-Speed Of Light Listen/Buy
February 27 Osara-Osara Listen/Buy


March 7-Karmessiah-Lushwave Listen/Buy
March 8 The Unawares-Absinthe Acres Listen/Buy
March 19 Dead Surf-Summer Never Was Listen/Buy
March 19 Sein Zum Tode-Beeep Listen/Buy
March 30 Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes-Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes Listen/Buy
March 30 The Post-Timey String Band-Porch Songs Listen/Buy


April 8 Four AM Friends-Mis-Adventure Time Listen/Buy
April 9 Pandercakes-Compassion Fatigue Listen/Buy
April 9 Pussy Wizard-Dunno (Translucent Blue) Listen/Buy
April 10 Deleveled-Midnight Radio Listen/Buy
April 10 Ramphastos-Alakazam Listen/Buy
April 16 Elvis Depressedly-Holo Pleasures Listen/Buy
April 30 Steven Fiore-Youth and Magic Listen/Buy


May 3 Rich Engli$h-Natives Listen/Buy
May 8 Motel Glory-Weekend Treasures, Monday’s Trash Listen/Buy
May 8 Sweet Vans-D Ploma Single Listen/Buy
May 10 Ben G & Jungle Boi-A League Of Our Own Listen/Buy
May 10 Stagbriar-Quasi-Hymns, Murder-Ballads, and Tales of How the Hero Died Listen/Buy
May 13 JFS-Artax Lost Forever Listen/Buy
May 13 Milieu-Academy Stripes Listen/Buy
May 19 Abacus-Abacus Listen/Buy
May 19 Co.-Bird Skulls Listen/Buy


June 3 Cancellieri-III Listen/Buy
June 4 Your Chance To Die-The American Dream Listen/Buy
June 5 Ned & The Dirt-Giants Listen/Buy
June 5 sandcastles.-American Tongues Listen/Buy
June 10 Todd Mathis & Whiskey Tango Revue-Please … Don’t Tread On Me Listen/Buy
June 11 Coma Cinema-Posthumous Release Listen/Buy
June 11 Forces Of A Street/JFS-Petro/Zeo X Infinity Split Listen/Buy
June 12 Free Fire-I Wanna Be Your Doll Listen/Buy
June 12 The Slo-mos-Must Be the Blood Listen/Buy
June 15 Discourse-Curse Of Consciousness Listen/Buy
June 17 The Francis Vertigo-Invitations Listen/Buy
June 18 Modern Man-She Wears Pants Listen/Buy


July 1 Chemical Peel-Bike Thief Listen/Buy
July 2 Miles To Go-Gypsy Listen/Buy
July 2 Southern Femisphere-Houses Listen/Buy
July 4 Sun Sweet Sun-Sci-Fi Mind Listen/Buy
July 7 The Losos-Axiom Listen/Buy
July 9 Vorov-Demo Listen/Buy
July 9 Yosef-Run Wild Listen/Buy
July 10 FK MT.-Supply EP Listen/Buy
July 12 Marcus Goodine-The Beverage Listen/Buy
July 16 sandcastles.-tantrums Listen/Buy
July 16 Tape Waves-Tape Waves EP Listen/Buy
July 22 Eblue-Disillusions Listen/Buy
July 26 Sarah Clanton Schaffer-Chasin’ a Feeling Listen/Buy
July 30 Youth Model-All New Scars Listen/Buy

August 6 Brodie Porterfield-Phantom Skyline Listen/Buy
August 6 Hussey-Ground Me Listen/Buy
August 10 Valley Maker-Yes I Know I’ve Loved This World Listen/Buy
August 12 Those Lavender Whales-Parts & Pieces​/​Goose & Geeses Listen/Buy
August 16 The Reggie Sullivan Band-Nobody’s Home Listen/Buy
August 18 Doomslang-Stay at Home Listen/Buy
August 21 Dinobrite Productions-The Gamecock Mixtape Listen/Buy
August 22 Heyrocco-Greatest Hits of the 90’s Listen/Buy
August 26 Shannon Vogt-Glass Shell Listen/Buy
August 27 Bobby Blake Monroe-Cartography Listen/Buy


September 1 Rachel Kate-Rachel Kate, with Love and Hate Listen/Buy
September 7 72nd and Central-72nd and Central Listen/Buy
September 11 Trees On Mars-Trees On Mars Listen/Buy
September 12 Pharaohs In Space-Cackalackistan Listen/Buy
September 13 Ghost At The Feast-Okiedokie Listen/Buy
September 17 Pan-Meta Major! Listen/Buy
September 17 Paul Brazell-Leave What We Had Behind Listen/Buy
September 20 Susto-Susto Listen/Buy
September 22 Magnetic Flowers-Old Cold Losing It Listen/Buy
September 27 The Soap-Red Thread Listen/Buy


October 1 Johnny Delaware-Secret Wave Listen/Buy
October 1 Small Sanctions-Feather Habits Listen/Buy
October 4 Darby Wilcox-She Took to the Sea Listen/Buy
October 8 People Person-Dumb Supper Listen/Buy
October 11 Daniel Hammond-Peaks and Valleys Listen/Buy
October 12 Bless Yer Heart-A Heart in Limbo Listen/Buy
October 15 Shallow Palace-Seven Inches of Glass 7″ Listen/Buy
October 17 Signs of Iris-Cyclops Listen/Buy
October 18 Cover Of Afternoon-Among The Tides Listen/Buy
October 22 Sheem One & Jorai-Success Listen/Buy
October 30 Mathew Lee Cothran-Failure Listen/Buy


November 1 Brigades-Crocodile Tears Listen/Buy
November 1 James Wesley Nichols-Turn the Wheel Listen/Buy
November 7 By The Bull-The Witch Listen/Buy
November 18 A Moment Electric-Far From The Feeling Listen/Buy
November 19 Death Of Paris-Gossip Listen/Buy
November 26 Cole Connor-Through The Stampede Listen/Buy
November 26 Darger-Sunrise Listen/Buy
November 26 Elim Bolt-Dingy, Slimy, Scummy! Listen/Buy
November 30 Justin Osborne-Wild Blue Yonder Listen/Buy
November 30 Justin Osborne-Vampires in Havana Listen/Buy


December 1 Black Sneaker Souls-Black Sneaker Souls Listen/Buy
December 6 Release the Dog-Out for Justice Listen/Buy
December 6 The Restoration-New South Blues Listen/Buy
December 7 YR LAD-Get Me Away from the Night Listen/Buy
December 7 Lauren Huse-See The City Listen/Buy
December 10 Ghosts of the Kodiak-Lifting Up the Ceilings Listen/Buy
December 10 Sides of Chaz-Sweet Tea b/w Take My Car Listen/Buy
December 13Art Contest-Banana Boat Listen/Buy
December 13 Old You-Whale Noises Listen/Buy
December 17 joie.-silent escape. Listen/Buy


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