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[New Music] Bootstraps-Feel Right

Design Alex Koss

Bootstraps has been a long time coming for Walter Roesch. Since 2011’s Clever Words EP Roesch has stayed relatively quiet on the singing and songwriting front outside of performing and recording with A Brighter Life and Fera, both in 2012. As 2013 is coming to a close Roesch dropped the first Bootstraps song, a long rumored project with nothing to show until now. This sets up for a 2014 where Bootstraps has plans for a 5 song EP in Spring or maybe sooner, tentatively titled “I Think We Should Remember More.” But hey, everything is subject to change.

“Feel Right” is a riff driven song with a pounding chorus and a changeup around every turn, eventually breaking down to emotional screams. An aggressive effort from the group that is currently a duo, with Chase McGuckin on drums, and Roesch covering bass, guitar, and vocals. McGuckin also recorded and engineered the song, which is still ruff around the edges, but a step in the right direction.


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