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[New Music] Chox-Mak & Bunty Beats – Patience

Chox-Mak is a popular MC on the North Carolina Hip Hop scene. He’s set himself apart from other rappers in the southeast because his sound can’t necessarily be associated with one area. Chox-Mak manages to spit lyrical content that resonates across the Mason-Dixon Line while remaining authentic. His latest release “Patience” is the first single from his forthcoming project Balance. Balance is a collaborative project with the producer of “Patience” Bunty Beats. Chox-Mak and Bunty have worked together regularly for the past two years.Chox Mak-Patience

The two minute and thirty-seven second track is the perfect showcase of Chox-Mak’s potential to spit bars. Balance is set to drop exclusively via Audio Mack. The release date has yet to be given, but until then exercise “Patience” and checkout the single below.

Keep up with Chox-Mak and Bunty Beats

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/buntybeats/patience-prod-bunty-beats

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @BuntyBeats


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